Directors & Officers Insurance

Directors & Officers Insurance is a type of liability coverage that provides protection for the board members, officers and directors of your company or organization from lawsuits that can arise from them performing their duties.

This type of coverage protects their personal assets and is becoming more the rule than the exception with larger businesses and organizations. Risk Management Partners can help evaluate whether this type of coverage is appropriate for your situation. Some of the risks to consider are:
    – Legal defense costs
    – Legal Representative Expense
    – Costs arising from extradition proceedings
    – Civil Fines / Civil Penalties
    – Damages
    – Judgements
    – Bail Bond Costs

Without Directors & Officers Insurance, officers and directors can be held personally responsible for the defense costs, fines, and judgements.  This is an important coverage that affects many businesses and organizations.  Contact us today to see what your available options are.

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