Onsite Training

Risk Management Partners provides comprehensive on-site training for owners, managers, and operations staff to achieve greater proficiency through education about risk management and liabilities.  On-site Training is right for any organization that wants to proactively manage their risk exposures and develop effective workplace safety programs to reduce claims, losses, and associated costs.
On-site training enables employers to focus:
     – Transportation Safety
     – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
     – Defensive Driving
     – Safety Recall
     – Loss Control Inspections
     – Safety Recommendations
     – OSHA Compliance Inspections
    –  Training Videos

Risk Management Partners goes beyond operational and hazard assessments.  Our approach not only entails the technological aspects of risk control, but also establishes a working relationship with the individual insured to achieve everyone’s goal of injury and accident prevention.

What else can Risk Management Partners do for you?